Startup Competition

Be a part of something great!
Make the most of your talent and win cash while you're at it.

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This is a start up competition with a twist.

We are looking to bring together bright young minds to execute a project and compete with one another.
The objective is to start a "start up" following specified instructions.

What are we looking for

Skill Set

What are your Skills


Can you code? Web or App...


Do you create new things.


Are you an Entrepreneur


Do you see the big picture? Can you project.

The goal is simple ! Start A Start Up and win Cash!


How it will work

  1. You Fill in your details in a google doc
  2. We review your application and select candidates
  3. We give you the competition brief
  4. You execute the project and win the competition
  5. You get +R1000 CASH prize money !!!

Fill in the google docs form and enter the Competition

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